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Written by Mathew D. Watkins
July 5, 2022

Digital publishing makes it possible for publishers and marketers to reach new audiences. We’ve been in the digital age for some time now, and it’s still evolving rapidly. There’s never been a better time for highly valuable, well-curated content—that’s according to the findings from the research center, which shows that 45.3% of U.S consumers read digital magazines in the last 30 days .

Online magazines give print publishers access to the massive audience of digital-native readers who are eager to explore new content. Small- and mid-sized business marketers can use online magazines to improve their content marketing strategy. This format provides an excellent way to build awareness and generate leads.

If you’re ready to start an online magazine for your company, this guide will help! For more information on this format and how you can prepare your own publication for launch, or see pricing for the Interactive Magazine Platform.

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How to create content and convert it into a magazine (PDF Format)

Here are the foundations for creating a magazine from scratch.

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    Select best design tool or hire a freelancer

    With high-quality magazine layout software, you can create most impressive digital magazines with an amazingly designed layout. We picked out three of the best tools for creating high-quality magazines with impressive layouts, so make sure to check out their sets of features before making your final decision.

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    Pick your topic

    Magazines can't exist without a subject. Consider your topic and the audience you are addressing. To make a catalog or magazine effective, you need to be clear about the theme and audience.

    Some topics that can help you get a conversation started include music, films, travel experiences, current events (either local or worldwide), fashion trends and happenings in the world of celebrity and entertainment. When you're deeply knowledgeable about a subject, your readers will be more engaged with the magazine.

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    Choose a title

    Your headline should attract readers interested in your subject and describe what will be found inside the magazine. Remember that your title will have a long-lasting effect on how people see your brand.

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    Cover Article & Cover Page Image

    Most magazines devote the most space and attention to their cover stories. When a magazine features a celebrity on the cover, it will often include an in-depth interview with that star. If you are creating a travel magazine, it should showcase a destination on its cover and then go into detail about that place in the body of the publication.

    Always use a high-quality image. A good quality press-ready PDF at 300 ppi is the minimum requirement for print magazines. Your cover image is the first thing that potential buyers will see and use to decide whether or not they want to buy your book. The magazine’s cover should reflect its content, be large enough to have a striking visual impact, and use eye-catching colors.

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    Write body articles & add graphics

    A magazine's biggest selling point is usually its articles. Decide whether or not you will rely on freelance authors or other outside contributors for certain pieces of the manuscript. Depending on the size and complexity of your magazine, it may take several weeks or even months to complete. College campus publications usually include staff writers, editors and a section where other students can submit their work. For a professional magazine, the scope will be much broader.

    Your magazine needs interesting images throughout to catch the reader's attention. High-quality images will draw your readers into an article more effectively than text alone.

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    Decide on feature articles

    Choose a cover article and two or three additional pieces to highlight on the front page. These are top-notch articles that your readers will enjoy. Use page numbers to help readers navigate your document. To decide which of your articles will be featured, pick the article that is longest or has taken you the most time to research.

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    Create table of contents

    After you've assembled all of your articles and images, create a table of contents. This page will be converted to interactive page with hotlinks to navigate digital magazine.

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    Back page

    Full-page advertisements are often featured on the back page of widely circulated magazines.


What Is a Digital Magazine?

Early digital magazines were simply re-created versions of print magazines. Digital versions are now commonly released without going through an initial print run. Nowadays, digital magazines can consist of either a static PDF file or an interactive experience that brings together content and technology.

Digital magazines are not like social media ads or landing pages for a brand. They’re meant to engage, inform or entertain—not advertise. Studies show that content types other than promotions tend to perform better.

Here are some benefits of digital edition:

  • Save Printing & Distribution Cost
  • Personal Newsstand
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive Editions
  • Read on All Devices & Screens
  • Add Interactivity by adding internal page links or hotlinks on advertisments
  • Add Video or Audio on any Page
  • Share On Social Networks, Send via Email
  • 24/7 Live with Unlimited Reading
  • Monetize by Selling Single Edition or Subscriptions
  • Track readers behaviors with Analytics

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Types of Digital Magazines

There are many different types of digital magazines. So it's important to determine which is the right one for your business. Digital magazines have evolved from static PDFs to become a key marketing and communication tool for businesses. As the functionality of digital magazines has improved, they have become more engaging and immersive. Below are all the types of digital magazines available to create through several online platforms including Ziniy.

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Interactive or Static PDFs

There are two types of PDF magazines: static and interactive. They began as static PDF files, distributed via email or file sharing. Due to large size, it was difficult to share via email. Interactive PDFs place interactive elements in a document so the reader recognizes them and is motivated to use them.

A static PDF provides no extra value to the reader, whose only interest is in reading the content. The classic PDF has become an outdated format for distributing content in the digital age.

It is difficult to view on mobile devices if it's not optimized for responsive viewing, and most businesses have stopped using them altogether due to this fact. If you’re thinking of creating a PDF digital magazine, it will be more effective if the publication can include interactive elements.


In addition to sharing digital magazines as PDF files, you can share each issue as a flipbook. Though the original digital flipbook style was designed for viewing on desktop computers, it is difficult to read on mobile devices. In recent years, publishing platforms have added mobile capabilities to their flipbook creation software.

For example, Ziniy started out as a flipbook platform but now offers digital publishing solutions for mobile and social media. You simply upload a PDF file, and Ziniy does the rest.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile digital magazines were first presented as an interactive alternative to static PDFs. But as technology advanced, other digital magazine creation solutions appeared on the market—making it easier for anyone to publish a magazine.

That’s why it's not common for magazines to start by creating a mobile app —it takes a lot of time and effort. Integrating a mobile app into your digital magazine strategy when you're just beginning to publish content is less risky than doing so later.

When your app is ready for release, let your existing audience know about it. Make sure to design your app so that its interface works well on both Android and iOS devices. Make sure your app icon stands out on the phone screen.


Why Should You Create a Digital Magazine?

Digital magazines can help content strategies reach wider audiences by engaging readers with text and multimedia. Strategies that reach multiple people through a variety of channels are more effective. Plus, people tend to prefer different ways of consuming information from headlines to infographics Creating a digital magazine is an excellent idea. Here are the top reasons why.

You have a print magazine and want to go digital.

If you have a successful print magazine and want to attract new readers, going digital is one way of increasing your audience. Going from print to digital can either be an addition or a complete change in your strategy. For example, some magazines stopped printing their physical copies altogether and went digital-only, like Teen Vogue. Others took a different approach: The New Yorker kept its print edition while adding a digital magazine as an alternative to increase readership.

The benefit of adding a digital magazine to an already existent print publication is that your audience now has more ways than ever before to access your articles. You can create subscription plans that allow users to enjoy both digital and print editions — or just one of them. The decision to stop publishing printed copies of a periodical and publish it exclusively online is a bold move.

When the original magazine is rich with illustrations and custom graphics, dual production efforts are highly successful.

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You want to use your digital magazine as a lead magnet.

Digital magazines are ideal for building a business's customer base, especially when used as lead magnets. A digital magazine can keep its audience interested by regularly making available new issues and articles.

Give away some of your content for free, but offer subscriptions at a discounted price. Be sure to offer clear instructions on how subscribers can cancel their subscriptions if they wish. As you grow a digital magazine, it becomes possible to offer merchandise, create a mobile app and hire additional writers. If you're not willing or able to sustain a long-term strategy, using a digital magazine as a lead magnet isn't the best choice.

You want to increase your digital presence and brand awareness.

aa Digital magazines don’t always have to be paid; they can also offer a free version. It’s up to you and your brand values whether to give away a free digital magazine. In this case, it’s a means of raising brand awareness rather than generating revenue.

To attract new readers, you could offer a free trial issue of your magazine until the next edition is published. Finally, all back issues are available only to subscribers. This tactic increases awareness of your brand, which can lead to more leads.

The key to making this strategy successful is writing high-quality content that offers something unique and interesting that readers can't find anywhere else.

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Select the best Digital Publishing Platform

It’s time to publish your digital magazine on digital publishing platform!

There are many options for publishing a book, from print-on-demand services to interactive apps and ebooks. Regardless of how you choose to publish your digital magazine, it’s important that you create a space on your website where all issues are collected, archived and promoted.

Starting a digital magazine is simple—just follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way. But keep in mind that there are always ways to make something even better! Here are some pro tips that can make your digital magazine a success.

Make it interactive & Start Sharing

Interactivity is the key to creating a successful digital magazine. Adding interactivity to your magazine will make it stand out from the crowd. There are many types of interactive features you can add, including:

  • Embrace digital technology. Include visual or auditory enhancements in your writing.
  • Embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Facbook, MP4)
  • Embedded Audio (MP3)
  • Add hyperlinks on advertisments
  • Add hyperlinks on products or services
  • Add internal page links (bookmarks)
  • Create Bookmarks (Page links on Table of Contents page)
  • Embed In Your website using HTML code
  • Start sharing mobile friendly responsive digital editions on all social networks

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Learn how to upload PDF & create 3D flip-books

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to upload PDF files and create digital magazine with few clicks

Learn how to add hyperlinks, videos and mp3 on any page in digital edition

In this video, you will learn:

  • Create interactive publications by adding hyperlinks on any page
  • Add videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and MP4 on any page
  • Add royalty free audio or add custom mp3 audio on any page

Learn how to embed digital edition in your website

In this video, you will learn:

  • Embed digital edition in your website
  • Copy HTML embed code from your account
  • Download HTML file and upload on your server

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