Digital Brochure Maker

Create Brochure Magazine From Your Existing PDF File


Online digital brochures offer businesses the unique opportunity to reach more readers through digital circulation strategies including social sharing and aggregation. Creating a “replica” edition, or an exact replication of the print product into digital format, allows for the benefits of a digital platform with all the familiarity of the traditional print layout.

Digital platforms empower companies with the ability to entertain viewers at a deeper level with interactive features unavailable in print – such as video, audio, animations and hyperlinks – while saving the money traditionally spent on print and distribution. If the information needs to be updated, pages can be quickly added or changed without having to wait for a reprint or redistribution.

At any time, companies can monitor their readers’ behavior via the detailed tracking provided with each issue, empowering businesses to focus their attention and resources on the portions of their publication most interesting to readers. With a digital brochure, there is a direct connection between the publishing company and the intended audience.

Why Use Ziniy To Create Online Brorchure

From the start, Ziniy partners with customers to make creating a successful digital brorchure a breeze. Ziniy provides brorchure owners with a top of the line digital platform for their content as well as best strategies for circulation, revenue generation, and multi-platform publishing. Brorchure owners can expect quick access to the whole team, from designer to project manager for anything from consultation to production services.

Your Dedicated Team for Your e-Brochure

By partnering with Ziniy, our clients are ensured a full-service product: Ziniy’s team does the heavy lifting when it comes to the production process. It starts with a streamlined process of getting the client’s content to look its best on the Ziniy platform. Meanwhile, the clients works with the Success Team to ensure the digital brorchure is positioned to achieve the client’s digital strategy goals. After deployment, the client is furnished with comprehensive analytics to track reader behavior.

The PDF To Digital Brochure Conversion Process

Creating a replica of a print brorchure means little to no workflow disruption for your production department. To get started, you supply us with your PDF files, which our production team will use to create the digital edition. During the build process, our production team will:

  • optimize pdf files for best performance on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • add a table of contents feature
  • activate all text-based hyperlinks in all articles
  • add custom hyperlinks on advertisements (instructions provided by clients separately)
  • add rich media including videos on any page (instructions provided by clients separately)
  • enable or disable social sharing features

Total turn-around time for projects is 1-3 business days, with rush services available. The above services are included with every edition you publish with ziniy.

When your project is complete, we email you links to your digital version. Then, either independently or in conjunction with some of the email services we offer here, your digital brorchure is deployed. You can measure your project’s success through our detailed digital brorchure tracking.

With the help of step-by-step text-based tutorials and video training, you can also control and manage full conversion and optimization process yourself. Our self-service platform is build to save your time with rapid conversion and deployment features.

Digital Brochure Features

Upload and digitize PDF brochures for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices
Designed to auto-fit destop & web enabled mobile browsers
Instant conversion and preview digital editions
Add unlimited web links, product links and page links on any page
Add video links using your account in control panel
Update any page or complete edition using your accout
Integrate in your own website using html embed code feature
Manage Table of Contents menu using your account
SEO features included
Add custom javascript to track readers
Track your audience using Google Analytics
Manage archive of old editions
Quick keyword search included
Add your own brand (logo and web link) in each edition
Add easy to read text articles for HTML5 mobile editions
Password protect your editions
Integrate your subscribers using remote database connection settings

Online Brochure Maker

Create Online Brochure From Your Existing PDF File