How To Create A Digital Magazine

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How to Make a Digital magazine: Steps, Tools, Costs, and Tips

You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to create the best digital magazines online for all devices. Digital magazines have developed so fast and are being used as an authentic online marketing strategy by many forward-thinking startups and big companies around the globe.

If you are starting a digital magazine, you have to develop the right strategy for your audience which costs you a minimum amount of money and provides the best results.

Step by Step Guide On How To Create A Digital Magazine

First steps! The first thing you need to do is defining the best niche and local or global audience for your digital magazine.

Just like starting any new business, the first step is to find the most suitable niche and the right audience.

You have to find the best niche which aligns with your passion, hobby, or business goals. The more competitors you have in your niche, the harder it’ll be for you to get the desired results.

1Creating a Stunning Design for Your Digital Magazine

The most important design element of your magazine is the front cover, the first thing that people would see. The cover will determine whether someone will consider your digital magazine or not. The second most important part is the layout design of inner pages which would determine whether they will read your magazine or not.

For the front-cover, design it in a unique way that stands out from other magazines in the same niche and give a big impact on the audience. Take your target audience’s preferences into consideration when designing a front cover. For example: if your audience is an energetic young entrepreneur, then you should use a successful entrepreneur figure as the magazine’s cover to attract more readers. Once your magazine cover is ready, you can move on to the other steps of creating your digital magazine content.

2Create Unique And Powerful Content For Your Audience

Your digital magazine has to offer the finest content that catches the interest of your audience. Mostly, there are three kinds of content based on their purpose: interesting, engaging, and providing useful insights. You can choose to highlight one, but why not mix all three? Aim to provide useful and entertaining content to your readers.

If you don’t have time to put together your own content, hire a skilled writer with appropriate skills.

You also need to ensure that your digital magazine’s content has a regular writing style and formatting. This way, it won’t confuse your readers.

3Select The Best Digital Publishing Platform For Your Digital Magazine

There are three things that you must take into consideration before choosing the right platform for creating and distributing your digital magazine. The cost is the first thing. The second thing is interactivity and flexibility in design. The last thing is the devices that will be used to read your digital magazine.

Among the best platforms that you can use for creating and publishing a digital magazine is Ziniy helps you publish your own fully branded digital magazine newsstand for devices including mobiles, tablets, notebooks and large screens using any standard web browser.

One of the exclusive features of Ziniy is its visual drag and drop interactive content creator called the links tool. The links tool allows you to create interactive and responsive content that fits perfectly on any screen size and orientation. With the links tool, you can easily add videos, audio, hyperlinks on advertisements and products, or create a table of contents page.

Ziniy also offers custom design and development services for companies looking for very specific designs, functionality, and use cases. You can hire full time or part-time Adobe In-Design experts, app developers or content writers for your custom needs.

Go through our video training series and learn how to create a digital magazine. We’ll also touch on how much it costs and the right tools for creating and publishing a digital magazine online for all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

4Create Digital Magazine In Low Cost & Save Money

You can start publishing for free on with one free edition for life with all back-end features such as PDF conversion, links tool, HTML embedding, statistics etc. At Ziniy, you can create a free account and publish your first online magazine instantly. Ziniy will take care of all the technical parts so you can focus on what really matters, your content.

The best low-cost package is the SELF SERVICE LICENSE which costs $49 per month. Other than the platform fees, you need to think about hiring a professional writer for your content or a go to Graphic Design Services and see which design service you are interested in. Ziniy can help you create the best looking digital magazines online. If you have a tight budget then Ziniy will be a perfect solution for you.

And that’s a straight forward guide about how to create a digital magazine. It won’t be hard as long as you have the dedication and the right partner like Good luck!


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Digital magazine Demo

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The best tools for creating digital product magazines

You can create nice, professional-looking digital magazines without being a design pro. Thanks to the digital era, there are lots of useful tools to help you on the journey to creating and publishing your magazine:

  • Ziniy - a digital publishing platform that enables you to create digital magazine quickly and easily. It offers you backend tools to convert PDF magazines into the digital magazine with few clicks. If you have a PDF file available, you can start the digital publishing process right away with FREE signup.
  • Adobe InDesign CC - professional-level design software for PC and Mac. It’s the most famous and widely used software for creating magazine in PDF format, and the first choice for many marketers, designers, and publishers. Check out the tutorials from InDesign for any level of skills.
  • Venngage - a web-design app that is mostly centered around various types of infographics, charts, tutorials, and more. So if you have a lot of data to share, Venngage helps you turn complex researches into easy-to-understand and clean-looking magazines and pamphlets. Read how to create a design for your magazine here.

And if you already have PDFs, you can turn them into digital magazines with the help of Ziniy Online publishing tools. It’s an online service that allows you to create interactive online magazines with a smooth page-flip effect. Ziniy offers the best backend tools to add interactivity in online magazines with few clicks which includes your own branding, videos, audio, and hyperlinks on ads and products.

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