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Showcase your brochures with print-like professional digital flipbooks with the Ziniy digital publishing solution, you can create a beautiful digital brochure from PDF in no time. Your smart-looking online publications will amaze your readers with a sleek design, smooth page flip effect, intuitive navigation, and multiple interactive features.

How to Make a Digital Brochure: Tools, Tricks, and Tips

If you make virtual brochures, flyers, leaflets, booklets or pamphlets, you know that it takes a lot of effort to design them to be captivating and comfortable for online viewing.

If you want to distribute brochures to a large audience, Digital brochures have many benefits and are totally worth it. That’s why we’ve decided to talk today about the best tools for creating digital brochures and some helpful tips on how to make great brochures, even if you’re a newbie.


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Digital Brochure Demo

Betty Wong
"Very nice software, worked flawlessly with everything I did with it."
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"I love Flip PDF. It makes my digital brochures more attractive."
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"Flip PDF gives me chance to develop business with like-minded people."

The best tools for creating digital brochures

You can create nice, professional-looking digital brochures without being a design pro. Thanks to the digital era, there are lots of useful tools to help you on the journey to creating and publishing your brochure:

  • Ziniy - a digital publishing platform that enables you to create digital brochures quickly and easily. It offers you backend tools to convert PDF brochures into digital brochures with few clicks. If you have a PDF file available, you can start the digital publishing process right away with FREE signup.
  • Adobe InDesign CC - professional-level design software for PC and Mac. It’s the most famous and widely used software for creating brochures in PDF format, and the first choice for many marketers, designers, and publishers. Check out the tutorials from InDesign for any level of skills.
  • Venngage - a web-design app that is mostly centered around various types of infographics, charts, tutorials, and more. So if you have a lot of data to share, Venngage helps you turn complex researches into easy-to-understand and clean-looking brochures and pamphlets. Read how to create a design for your brochure here.

And if you already have PDFs, you can turn them into digital brochures with the help of Ziniy Online publishing tools. It’s an online service that allows you to create interactive online brochures with a smooth page-flip effect. Ziniy offers the best backend tools to add interactivity in online brochures with few clicks which includes your own branding, videos, audio, and hyperlinks on ads and products.

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